Software package for the bus station and bus companies

Ticket software package allows the inspection of the bus timetable, ticket prices, performance of phone reservations, reservations, ticket sales, etc ...

Data for the timetable:

  • stops
  • line
  • registration
  • calendars
  • tariffs and discounts
  • Avris (import from database "Data-timetable Information System")
  • ...

Data for the transport office:

  • arrivals and departures of buses
  • capacity buses
  • parking
  • predictive paper
  • ...

Information on the tills:

  • tickets
  • reservations and services
  • sales services
  • other sales
  • ...

Data for calculation:

  • return for the carriers and the parties
  • transfers in the billing and bookkeeping
  • ...

Information terminals E-kart

E-kart allows you to can see the bus timetables and fares, to purchase tickets, or to take a ticket purchased on the website

Brief description of navigation "purchase tickets" in the E-kart application

  • selection services
  • the choice of input stops
  • choice of output stops
  • the choice of the date of travel
  • choice of types of tickets
  • entering the number of tickets
  • the choice of payment method
  • inserting a bank card / cash
  • take a ticket

Brief description of the navigation "acquisition of tickets" purchased
on the website in the E-kart application

  • selection services
  • enter the takeover code
  • takeover of the the ticket and invoice

Payment cards

Payment can be made with payment cards (Activa, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa Electron and Visa).