Software package for the reception in casinos

Computer application Care - Casino Reception - Reception gaming salons has been designed for the needs and requirements of gaming rooms in the major casinos.

This application covers the essential requirements of the reception of casinos and gaming rooms. In addition to the required entries, data and reviews, it allows the registration of images of guests, as well as guests enter through a magnetic card issued by the respective casino.

It is designed to allow the possibility of extending the integration of several casinos.


Note the type of client / server - written in Delphi 6 programming language.

Database is Firebird SQL server, version 1.5.2. Firebird satisfies the ACID standards that are critical to the SQL server. The database is licensed as open source Mozilla, which means that the fee is not charged.

Data protection

Data protection is carried out every day through the system, and procedures carried through the Win jobs distributions, or through "Cron Job" on Linux.

Backup database is created on the server and subsequently transferred to archival media.


  • the introduction of guests by the capture of images
  • entry of visitors and display tickets
  • the ban and free to enter


  • for inspection
  • statistics by country, location and age ...

Porter, groups and individual guests

  • food vouchers
  • booking of hotels and services
  • tokens
  • commission
  • accounts

Monitoring costs

  • by porters, groups, individuality ...


  • help with the video surveillance
Poslovni partnerji

Running in:

  • American Chance Casinos, Czech republic
  • Monte Carlo Gaming - Kingston, Jamaica
  • Casino Royal – Dojran, Macedonia
  • Golden Sun - Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Casino Knezo - Zagreb, Croatia
  • Casino Parentium - Poreč, Croatia
  • Casino Castra – Ajdovščina
  • Gaming saloon Kaval
  • Gaming saloon AS – Radenci
  • Gaming saloon Nebotičnik – Kranj
  • Casino Bernardin – Portorož
  • Casino Riviera – Portorož
  • Casino Adonis – Portorož
  • Casino Astra Club – Celje
  • Gaming saloon Lesce
  • ....